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Brussels Airport : Comfort With Delightful Experience!
13.06.2014 02:33

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The Airport is an international airport 6 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2013, over 19 million passengers arrived or departed at the Airport, making it the 25th busiest airport in Europe. The airport is located partially in Zaventem, partially in the Die gem area of Machelen, and partially in Steenokkerzeel, in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people.


The company operating the airport is known as "The Brussels Airport Company N.V. /S.A."; before 19 October 2006, the name was BIAC (Brussels International Airport Company), which was created by Belgian law through a merger of BATC with the ground operations departments of the RLW/RVA. Brussels Airport also features places of worship (for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Protestants), as well as a place for mediation for humanists.


Brussels Airport has two departure halls. The main hall is used by all airlines, with the exception of Jetairfly and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium. Those two airlines operate from a smaller departure hall next to departure hall 1 as of 30 March 2010. From both the departure halls, both piers can be reached. It is currently consists of 54 contact gates, and a total of 109 gates. Shops, bars and restaurants are scattered throughout the building. A small amount of facilities is located in the departure area. These are mostly convenience stores and small shops such as the airport shop, a pharmacy, Relay stores, Starbucks, and so forth. The majority of the facilities, however, can only be accessed after Security control – and are tax free. 



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