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Amsterdam Airport Routes At Your Finger Tips!
23.05.2014 23:11

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Amsterdam International Airport is officially called as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The name Schiphol was derived from a fortification called Fort Schiphol. This airport is very important to people of Europe especially the Netherlands.  It came into existence in the Netherlands and is situated twenty minutes from Amsterdam city. KLM, Amsterdam Airlines, Martinir and Arkefly are some of the intercontinental airlines which have their home base in this airport. This airport started its operations in 1916 and the military used it as a local airbase. 


Now new terminals are about to be built between the Zwanenburgbaan and Polderbaan runways and putting an end to the old one-terminal concept for which it has long been famous for. Almost 50 million passengers are handled each and every year at this airport. Some of the Amsterdam Airport routes are Amsterdam to London, Amsterdam to Rome, Amsterdam to Copenhage, Amsterdam to Helsinki, Amsterdam to Frankfurt, Amsterdam to Madrid, Amsterdam to Paris, Amsterdam to Birmingham, Amsterdam to Munich, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Stockholm and Amsterdam to Oslo.


These Amsterdam Airport routes help so many flights and cargo flights which operate from this airport. Few of the cargo flights and destinations include Air China Cargo (Shanghai–Pudong, Tianjin), Cathay Pacific Cargo (Chennai, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong), China Cargo Airlines (Shanghai–Pudong, Tianjin, Zhengzhou), Qatar Airways Cargo (Doha-Hamad, Chicago–O'Hare) and TMA Cargo (Beirut, Cairo, Riyadh, Sharjah, Tripoli).  A lot of airlines, low carriers, cargo flights, etc. make use of this airport for its notable routes. 


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