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Emirates Airlines Online Booking – Enjoy The Thrill Of Flying!
15.04.2014 12:40

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The story of the Emirates and the progress it has made is remarkable and astonishing.  In the mid eighties – 25th of October 1985 to be precise, Emirates launched its first inaugural flight from Dubai with only two aircraft, a leased Boeing 737-300 and an Airbus 300B4-200.  Emirates right from its inception has sincerely believed in quality and commitment in service.  Today, Emirates has evolved into a global travel and tourism conglomerate, and is renowned the world over for the ideals it stand for, commitment and the best standard of quality in all aspects of business.

Passengers are provided with easy facility to book their tickets on Emirates Airlines online booking. Thanks to the competition from other airlines, it has spurred the growth of Emirates.  Although it is wholly-owned by the Government of Dubai, it has expanded its horizons both in scale and stature to be one among the best in the business.  Dubai has an open skies policy, which is taken advantage of by many airlines.  Emirates Airlines not only supports the open skies policy but also sees it as an important aspect to maintain their identity and competition - the competition brings out the best in one after all.

With the well-developed, extensive and efficient online booking applications, Emirates Airlines online booking can be done with perfect ease. You can check the availability of flights and fares by feeding in the necessary information like the arrival and destination airports, date of the journey and passenger details. The website provides you the complete details of flight schedules and fares from which you can choose the best flight that suits your requirement.


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