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Air India Online Check In- A Great Boon For The Travelers Who Are Pressed For Time
10.04.2014 13:58

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Travelling by flights is an everyday ritual nowadays. More and more people are taking the sky route for reaching destinations of their choices. The USP of flights is the less amount of time that the passenger takes to reach his destination. The same cannot be achieved through trains or road journeys. But, what if the traveler who is looking to economize on time, ends up spending more of it during formalities in the airports? Then the entire purpose of travelling through flights gets hindered. Air India online check-in provides just what the passenger looks for- an online check in facility which felicitates the passenger with pre check-in options through the official website while sitting in the comforts of their homes and workplaces. However, one must check with the website to ascertain whether the service has been activated for the country or city he/she is travelling to.


The Air India Online Check-in facility is not reserved for the business class passengers, it can be availed by people travelling in all classes of the airplane but the passenger needs to have a confirmed ticket for sure. Understand that the provision is activated 48 hours in advance of the travel and can be used until 2 hours before flying. For people looking to make group check-ins there is an upper limit of nine passengers who can check-in together. The greater advantage of the facility is the option of choosing your own seats and you will be provided with the seat map online to help you choose.


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